Mangosteen in Vemma

Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) is grown from tropical regions are believed to have originated from Indonesia. Can grow reach 7 to 25 feet. The fruit also called mangosteen, purplish red when ripe.

The mangosteen fruit is known as the “queen of fruits”, the durian pair, the “king of fruits”. Mangosteen fruit contains anti inflammatory and antioxidant. In the world known as the mangosteen fruit has the highest antioxidant levels.

Whole mangosteen fruit itself has a variety of antioxidants (xanthones) were amazing. It is concentrated in the skin (pericarp) pieces that are not normally consumed. Vemma supplying extracts from whole fruit including the pericarp in preparation. Besides being one of the best tasting fruit in the world, mangosteen has superior nutritional and antioxidant properties capable of producing a wide range of benefits. These benefits support and enhance the various functions of the body.

Traditionally the whole mangosteen fruit has been used by natural health providers for thousands of years in the treatment of their healing. Modern science has only recently begun to understand the value of the nutrient-rich amazing healing of the mangosteen. Vemma is Mangosteen plus (Aloevera, Green tea, etc)


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