Vemma Business, 7 Things that Your Prospects Should Know

You should explain 7 things about Vemma business to the prospects. What are the advantages in Vemma business compared to other network marketing businesses?

1. Yes, you get paid in Vemma business.
There is a compensation plan in Vemma, and you get paid for multiple bonuses. Vemma pays the bonus weekly instead of monthly. As a brand partner, I always receive a prompt payment without any delay. We have short term income, fast start bonus and long term income, cycle bonus.
2. It’s a proven business.
There are brand partners who have achieved ambassadors and millionaire status through Vemma business.
3. The concept of marketing can integrate with your life.
Vemma nutrition program are wellness products and everyone needs health supplement. Vemma becomes part of everyday life. It is so easy to share something good that benefit your health and your life.
4. You get an assistance in this business.
Upline and team members will provide support and training. I’m glad that I choose the right upline or mentor and the right team.
5. Marketing System in Vemma business
All successful people have a system, and Vemma provides leads generation system to help you generate leads or prospects. Vemma builder is a leads generation system in Vemma, which acts as a virtual assistant for your business, and it pays extra bonuses for brand partners.
6. Set Goal
If you haven’t achieved success yet, it is because you haven’t set your goal. Set your goal so you can draw an action plan. Set a short-term goal (3 and 6 months), mid-term goal (1 and 2 year) and long-term goal (5 and 10 year)
7. Make a decision to join the business
People who want to succeed make a prompt decision to join Vemma business. Don’t delay your success. Make a decision to fight for your success in 5 to 10 years rather than living in indecision, which leads to nowhere.

You should explain those 7 things, so they understand Vemma business and make a prompt decision to join your network marketing business.

(Reff. Viviana.Vemmateamalpha)


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